Deborah Kong-Patterson-2-SquareWelcome to my homepage.  I offer counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals who are experiencing difficulties, challenges, or changes in their lives.  I also offer online therapy through Zoom.

Training and Qualifications

I am a graduate of UBC and the Adler University, and have received training at the Adler Centre and the Adler Institute. I am a Professional Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) possessing a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) designation, and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  I am a Certified Adlerian Counsellor and a Certified Parenting Facilitator.  I am currently serving on the board of directors of the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC (APABC).

My Approach to Counselling

I use an Adlerian approach in my therapy.  Adlerian Psychology is a strength-based and optimistic approach that emphasizes the importance of cultural and social influence on our well-being. It respects the uniqueness, strength, and creativity of each individual to best adapt themselves to their environment. An Adlerian approach is integrative and eclectic in that a therapist can maintain a consistent theory while incorporating different treatment methods that are best suited to the needs of each individual client.

I believe that one of the most important factors in positive therapy outcome is a strong and trusting relationship between therapist and client. I provide a confidential, safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment for my clients to express themselves, to be heard, to consider choices and decisions, and to gain insight and personal understanding.  Our society is laden with pressure, competitiveness, and a sense of anxiety that contribute to a widespread feeling of discouragement, dissatisfaction, stress, and unhappiness.  I believe that everyone has inner strength and abilities which, at times of discouragement, may become neglected, buried, or forgotten.  My goal is to help my clients regain a sense of personal power and agency, to gain clarity, insight, and understanding, to have increased courage and ability to take on life’s challenges, and to lead a more satisfying life.

Areas of Practice

I work with individual dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief and loss, life changes, adjustments, and family system issues. As a parenting facilitator, I also help parents with parenting of children and teens.


My session rate is $120.00 for 50 minutes with a sliding scale to assist those who are currently unemployed or on disability.  Some workplace extended health plans cover counselling services.  Please verify with your employer’s HR department.

Address (2 locations)

200-1892 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

908-938 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

Due to COVID-19, counselling sessions are only being offered online currently.

To contact Deborah or to book an appointment, please click on the Menu Box located at the top left corner of this page and click Contact.